Monday, 12 March 2012


Both photos are taken this morning.


  1. You actually saw a fox, lucky! I can't remember the last time I actually saw one in the wild...

    Nice hat too ^^

  2. This was actually rather sad, it has been run over by a car and one of its hind legs are broken, and the skin and fur pretty much shredded on its back part. It runs pretty damn quick if it gets spooked though.. Right now it wants somewhere safe to lie down and hide out, considering how fast it runs even hurt I have a slight hope, but my heart was crying for it. Such a beautiful one too, with its winter fur still intact, huge and fluffy pelt.

    Too bad I only see them when they are hurt in traffic. I love them, beautiful animals. And, as some knows, Sionnach (fox) has been my nickname online for a decade.

  3. Nice foxy hat >:)

    I saw two fox crossing the road last weekend, and I hit the breakes quickly, so they didn't get hurt.

    Cold As Heaven

    1. Thankyou for both of those.

      (Actually, thank also to the first commenter, and to Matika who said it in irc, for the hat compliments.)


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