Thursday, 1 March 2012

North Carolina: Duke Gardens

It didn't like Wayne so it flew away and hid in a tree.


  1. What I didn't mention in the post was that a lot of my close-ups were in fact taken with a 55-200 lens, because at Ayr Mount (before I mastered THAT particular thing, so I didn't post many of those photos) I had left the rest of my camera things in the car, and then at Duke Gardens I had already gotten used to playing with it. Two photos from DG are with the compact camera.

    Can you spot which two?

  2. Wayne Peterson07/03/2012, 02:38

    You forgot to tell them that these pictures are at Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC. Also, who told you the heron did not like me. :-)

    1. I disagree. 1) It says in the headline 2) There is a link to their official home page in the text post.


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