Saturday, 18 February 2012

Looks aren't everything

Erik, with whom I was staying (or travelling, depending on your perspective) in Texas last week, has been talking about blogging some of his adventures, and so I decided to gift him with a domain and a blog. I have been fighting with the layout of that on my awake spare time during this week, but things are starting to fall into place. The background photo aren't perfect (it doesn't show off the Wagon's hiney to her best advantage if you view the site on a lower resolution), but that can be changed when the perfect photo is found (or taken). Now I know how to do it and what tricks the thing will try to play on me when I do it...

Since I learnt so much about customising the layout of the blog template, I went ahead and updated this today on my lunch break. New background photo (taken by yours truly in Big Bend national park), and new colour scheme and fonts, mostly. Some other details have also been updated. So, big question - do you like it? Colours OK to read? Does it look pleasant? Did I mess up something? I have tested in three browsers on two operating systems, so it should look approximately the same on whatever you choose to view it on.


  1. Please tell me which resolution you are viewing it with! I can see statistics but I cannot see what people actually think of the appearance in connection with the settings.

  2. Feedback so far is good (comments on fb and e-mail). But I haven't heard from my regulars yet, and I know that is where the criticism will come :-)

  3. Jeg syns denne layouten er bedre enn den du hadde før. Jeg syns denne er mer oversiktlig og skrivften er lett å lese. Liker også godt fargevalget. Det at du har et foto som bakgrunn kan gjøre at bloggen oppfattes som rotete av meg, men her har du gjort et godt valg av bilde. Det at bildet bak holder seg i bakgrunnen og ikke forflytter seg når man scroller er også et pluss.

    Alt i alt så liker jeg dette oppsettet veldig bra!

  4. Wayne Peterson07/03/2012, 02:23

    I agree with Lisbeth. It looks great.


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