Wednesday, 29 February 2012



Left is a strange thing. If people tell me to go to a direction or w/e I am likely to pick the wrong one. “The other left!” they'll shout at me.

When I was in the US this winter, I was behaving more left-handedly than I have in decades. Gripping tools with my left hand, balancing my body when shooting as if I was using my left hand, etc. Why?

My left side is broken, by the way. Ankle (muscles and tissue stretched and damaged). Knee (arthritis). Lung (still filled with phlegm after the pneumonia). Hand/wrist (no longer able to obey the finer instructions I send it). Eye (-2.25 + some astigmatism). Ear (buzzes, and cannot use in-ear earphones or any kind of earplugs - they will either pop right out again or hurt or both). Eyebrow (nerve damaged, so it doesn't move properly). The right side is fine.


  1. This is not a complaint. Just a random listing of a pattern that I only noticed recently.

  2. It's good to be a left-sider in the USA. They got to many right-siders >:)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. CaH! You are back!

      To give you a serious reply:
      In fact, while I am left/liberal here, I am rather middle-of-the-road there. It is all about context. Very interesting stuff.


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