Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hyvää Ystävänpäivää!

Happy Friendship Day, darlings.

(As most of you know, I swear by the Finnish holiday rather than the forced romantic one. I think about ALL the people I love!)

In other news: Jetlagged out of my skull. Nodded off in a meeting at work, and had to go home. Chose to get a cab because I did not trust myself to stay awake on the train. Got home, went to bed, slept for some minutes, was woken by the phone, except I did not realise it was the phone - I was trying to make it be silent so that it would not disturb other campers or something like that.

Yep, no idea where I was or what was going on. Lady kindly rang back five times as I repeatedly hung up on her and told her to shush, she seemed to realise I was half-dreaming (though she was annoyed, but polite).

Fell back asleep after noting down the call and slept for another 3,5 hours only to wake again, no clue where I was, confusedly looking for Erik. Most interesting - I have NEVER been this disoriented before at any time that I can remember, I usually know exactly where I am when I wake up.

What do you think caused it?


  1. Wayne Peterson14/02/2012, 19:50

    Erik caused it.

    1. I like that theory. Especially since I somehow think it is true. Intentionally or not, something's going on in my brain that was not before!

  2. Yarr...I've been disoriented a couple of times, so it's not as upsetting as it might otherwise be...

    1. To be honest, I am OK timewise (I stayed up long enough to get mostly resettled), but my wish to NOT go home means I dream about being back when I sleep and then I wake confused. Between naps again now, have time for another three hour cycle before it is morning.


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