Thursday, 5 January 2012

Respiration: The Sequel

I mentioned just before Christmas that I was having some sort of illness again - here are the dramatic details in short...:

I had been coughing intermittently for about a week, including the trip to Helsinki (which was splendid!), and Dec. 20. I suddenly had a quickly rising fever after lunch. I went home and rested the evening, but the morning after I was worse. So much worse, in fact, that a bit later in the day I called H to ask him to come keep an eye on me since I was hallucinating due to the fever. The day after, Thursday before Xmas, I was better, but Friday morning I realised that Xmas would have to be postponed for my part. (At this point H had already left, northbound, to visit his family over the holidays.) 

Christmas Eve my fever got worse again, and the cough was tiring me out. A call to the health advise phone line got me the not so helpful advise to go see a doctor immediately: My local Health Care Center was closed for the holidays and I wasn't even in shape to get my coat on unsupervised. I had hoped they would tell me it would pass with some more sleep. At this point cavalry in form of mother came thundering over from Norway to drag me off to the weekend open Doctor's Reception. There they diagnosed me with pneumonia and gave me penicillin (which I have later been told helps against very few kinds of pneumonia and not the common ones here and now and I should have been given something else immediately). 

A few days later the fever was down somewhat and mother went home. And NYE I had to crawl back to that weekend open place by taxi, being back to start. Got new (correct) antibiotics (the improvement had been my own immune system kicking back for a while), and went home again. The doctor thought I should be able to work again the following tuesday, which made me happy and hopeful. But already Sunday, the day after, I realised that was overly optimistic considering my fever. Monday morning I thus crawled (almost literally) down to my regular doctor to ask for an extended sick leave. Which was granted me, but he wanted to X-ray my lungs, and do some other checks, and since I was incapable of going to get that done he sent me by sick transport to the ER. Where they discovered that my blood was oxygen poor and decided to keep me. 

So, kidnapped by the health care system. They kept me in the hospital for three nights with oxygen tubes in my nostrils. Back home today since I was able to keep decent levels on my own as long as I breathe calmly and take it easy. 

Cat was mad that I had been gone, and he was also mad that H had rummaged through my stuff and taken things away (clean clothes for me). He is happy that I am home, apparently. 

Sick leave for another ten days, then evaluation. That means a MONTH down with what is basically a kindergarten infection. This is it, from now on I am wearing a mask at work when someone is ill. :P

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  1. And you could also advice to wear the mask as well. That is the beauty in Asian countries - not also wanting to infect others with all the cough and sneeze :)

    Good that you got home! Get well soon!


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