Friday, 9 December 2011


My days nowadays mostly consists of work. New for this year is that during the autumn I was promoted to a manager position, for good and bad.
I also seem to have contracted some cousin to the dreaded winter depression: I am too happy to be called depressed, but I have the other symptoms I associate with depression from personal experience. I pretty much only feel awake when the sun is shining.

In total that means I am struggling to keep my head above the water at work, and actually prove that the decision to give me a new position was a good one. By nature I feel I am never good enough, so it means I am not enjoying my work as much as I used to. Hopefully that feeling will pass as I get a better grip of the new situation.

I did manage to find energy to make a bunch of christmas cards and ship them out before the post's international deadline. If you think you are on the shortened list this year, keep checking your mail box next week or so.

I am also experimenting with a new look for this place, if you want to be on the panel of advisors give me a shout. I might even let you.

I have two things to look forward to that might give me more energy than they take:

before Xmas I am going to Helsinki for a few days with mother, staying in a hotel (for the first time over there) but also catching up with some friends, not just being tourists. Also, buying tea at The Ounce is on my list of must-dos. Back in time for the holidays (I am "as usual" celebrating alone in sthlm).

In February I am going stateside for a couple of weeks, route is NC-FL-TX. Going to be plenty of fun, meeting cousins but also catching up with some friends. Really looking forwards to that trip - maybe too much, I am pretty much ready to leave, suitcase in the hallway and all. ;-)

I hope to finish the refurnishing of my flat before that trip however, I should start getting furniture deliveries next week. The much longed for new sofa and armchair/recliner, most importantly, but also a new coffee table. I did finally find a kitchen/dining table I liked, it was hideously expensive but I cashed out on an impulse, since I had found nothing else I liked that was in the right size. This one is made to measure, just for me. It will feel good to get rid of the cheapest-that-ikea-could-offer panic buys from when I moved in here, as well as some comfortable but somewhat ugly-coloured secondhand stuff. So, the end of my 6 month project of researching furniture and deciding what I want is actually coming to an end.

That doesn't mean I am out of projects: My bedroom is still a mashup of secondhand, bad choices, and mismatched items. Also I need to have a good look at the computer setup here, at least setting up a proper home network for the many computers and the network printer. I should also get some sort of network storage/backup storage, as well as investing in new hardware and retiring the old boxes sitting under my desk.

And that is not counting all the craft projects I have in mind.


  1. Manager, that's not for me. I prefer to do the hands on technical work.

    Enjoy Helsinki >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. I haven't the skills for any other job. Life just turned out that way, as I stumbled into something else than I would ever have predicted.

    Honestly though, many days I feel I am in deep water indeed. IT manager without a clue? Just great... On the other hand an IT manager shouldn't have to be a technician, a manager is a manager is someone with financial understanding and strategic thinking and HR knowledge and who knows the labour legislation and who can take care of the staff so they are happy and feel they develop in a good direction. Except that everyone seems to expect an IT manager to be a damn good technician. Even the people who "recruited" (promoted) me and said I don't need those skills.

  3. I agree; for a manager strategic thinking and HR skills is more important than technical knowledge.

    There are plenty of good technical experts who became poor managers. I'm not gonna be one of them >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  4. I generally don't believe in unsolicited advice, but I've inherited one of those light therapy lamp things, and I can tell a difference in my awakeness on the days when I have breakfast in front of it.

    Winter still sucks, mind you, but it helps a bit.

  5. I suspect it might make a difference, yes, because I notice that I am much more awake and *functioning* when the sun is not only up but out (ie no cloud cover).

    To get a start on the light thing I am trying to manipulate the world to give me a wake-up light for christmas or birthday, since I already wake up when it gets light out it should work splendidly. I hope. And it might make me less sluggish in the mornings.. (It takes me two hours+ from I get out of bed until I leave nowadays, as opposed to my normal 1h10min).

  6. Let's wish that the trip to Helsinki won't be an energy-sucking experience :)

    I tried this week solar yoga - which is hot yoga combined with bright light lamps for an hour - with lessons starting in a masocistic hour of 7am...means that I must be up at 6, which I usually am not.
    You can see the result in the end of the week :D


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