Sunday, 27 November 2011


I very rarely have nightmares. Maybe some of my dreams would class as nightmares if another dreamt them, but I mostly find them exciting and interesting and enjoy the action. Waking from actual nightmares is a rarity, happening maybe once a year or more rarely nowadays.

The night Fri-Sat (yesterday) I woke from a work-related nightmare, being told I was incapable of doing my job, should never have had the position and that there was no hope for me. It was extremely realistic (compared to what my dreams are mostly like) and I am not sure how I will react to meeting that person the coming week.

This morning around 4 am I again found myself awake with adrenaline thundering in my body, fight-or-flee! This was an extremely bleak post-apocalyptic scenario where people scuttled like bugs trying to avoid their robotic overlords, as well as a zombie-like (not quite, more like a crossover between a zombie and the aliens from Alien..) infestation among the "good guys". That one too had me really shook up. Normally such a dream wouldn't elicit such a response from me, and nightmares two nights in a row too suggests something is unbalanced in my brain. If it continues I will investigate.

The post-apocalyptic dream had me thinking back to "the" PA dream I have had (the ones I started writing down). There is a lot I never shared from those dreams. The moments in the mountains, for instance. Dancing in the desert landscape up there with the strangers and their fiddles. Human interaction which can hardly be described. The stories in my head wants out, but I don't have the time to tell them. Will I ever?


  1. Yes, the stories in your head will come out some time, I'm sure >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Until then people will have to re-read what's already written :(


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