Thursday, 24 November 2011

Holiday Edition

I was so annoyed with the appearance of the blog that there is now a temporary look in place for the holidays, which should give me time to think.

What do you think about it? No green at all this time.


  1. I like the background and the red/yellow theme, but the yellow links just are really, really hard for me to read in any of the computers I've been on - they turn out to be a bit blurry block of text. So in that sense there might be some little need for tweaking the colours.

    ..but then again, it's just me and I've been spending last couple of weeks with my nose buried in books about usability :)

  2. Since two people said the same thing I threw out the yellow in favour of an orange from the same scale. Also got rid of some bright red bevels and darkened them to match the rest. Will try not to tweak. Instead I am going to make a lab out of theotherblog some night. Not today. I think.

  3. Hey, this is is much better!

  4. Nice goth-style heading. Orange is better than yellow for readability >:)

    Cold As Heaven


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