Sunday, 13 November 2011


I framed three of the prints I have bought over the past five years or so by myself yesterday, in off-the-shelf frames. They (the prints) have been sitting around for 12-18 months, so about bloody time when it was this easy!

Eleven prints to go. Seven of them I think should work in off-the-shelf frames as long as I can have custom passepartouts cut for them, the last four will (probably) need custom built frames too.

Heading to the frame-maker's in a moment to see if we can agree on a price.

This means a lot of time in the near future will be spent driving my neighbours crazy with my hammering at the walls. Hope they can survive the terror. Although, I might wait with hanging anything in the living room until the new sofa arrives. That's right, I ordered a new sofa! A moment of terror and joy. I think it will be great but it is very expensive and of course I have second thoughts about everything from the colour to the shape to the way it is angled (should it be mirrored?). I might have to re-organise all my furniture to make this work... ;)

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  1. Too bad Gallerix had unexpectedly closed without any indication on any web page so we couldn't get stuff done like planned!


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