Saturday, 8 October 2011

I have been...

...messing with the layout here the past few days, or rather, I have been messing with the colours.
If you drop by often you will have seen about 6 different backgrounds and colourways.

What do you think right now?


  1. Looks good now. Green letters on white background is a little bit hard to read, at least for my eyes, but OK for the stuff in the margins. Black on white or white on black works best for the main text.

    And why don't you just get rid of the word verification. I did some time ago. I thought it would give a lot of spam, but it's no big problem >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Darkened the green link colour somewhat.
    I have actually used grey for the main text for years, it is easier on the eye in the long run AND looks better. But the nuance is very dark so most people perceive it as black.

    I added the captcha because I was getting spammed to pieces, and I am not prepared to go back to that. Sorry :/


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