Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Technical Services in a bar

Tuesday was spent with my department - the autumn's kick-off.

The day was mostly spent doing serious stuff (those pictures are mostly boring) - but in the evening we got us some drinks. The first one is my boss' attempt to cure my cold: 50/50 lemon juice and whisky. I gave it away, couldn't drink it. Sour! Strong! Ew. 


  1. I prefer to take just a beer, maybe two. Then I'm fit for fight the next morning. Whisky and vodka is not doing you any good >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Ah, both vodka and whisky will keep me feeling fine (also in the morning). I am very picky about my beer and after sampling the selection I realised that place didn't have anything I like. Wine I try to stay clear of in most cases.


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