Saturday, 1 October 2011

Card production September 2011

You can imagine it, Best friends, Someone special, Discover.

Eat it it's good for you, Java Queen, Memories, Those were the days.
Shared happiness, Devoted friend, Inspire, Friendship.

Real men wear aprons, Butterfly, Dance till you drop, Follow your dreams.

All of the above 16 cards are 6" (15cm) square. 

Six smaller cards (12cm x 9cm appr.):
Off we go, Sweetie pie, Hello, Merry Christmas, Just add wine, Happiness in little things.

As usual: If you want to buy something I make, send me an e-mail. I also make to order.


  1. Pretty, especially in the last picture, the four to the right.
    Hm... we should talk card business someday! ;)

  2. Yep, we should. I have a big box of homeless cards here, I can't stop making them and I make more than I get rid of.


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