Saturday, 9 July 2011


Copied my first public G+ post to post it here as well:

So, now I am here on G+. Going to be interesting to see what it works out to be. In a way I hope it will be the end of FB, which I have never really liked but felt forced to join to not become a total reclusive. 

Maybe it will not become the new place for all social networking though; maybe it will be a place for information more than pure social chatter. At least the circles gives us the option to keep the social chatter to the relevant people and not spam more peripheral people with what you are having for dinner. 

Most importantly though, I think it is important to remember that nothing is set in stone or will ever be. A social network - and a social networking place - is continually shaped and reshaped by the users. Yep, that's right: Us. We decide what this will become. 

Any thoughts?

If you aren't yet a part of G+ but would dearly like to be and thus want an invite, send me a message.

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