Saturday, 23 July 2011

Glimpses from my kitchen

I finally gave up and ordered a dishwasher. It will arrive end of next week. 

Import food: Fish cakes and Hansa. 

Dinner the day after, trying to compensate for the Fried Food overdose.

A glimpse from my living room too. A cool lamp.
I might actually move it to the kitchen, haven't decided yet. It  feels a bit small in this big room. 


  1. Nice. I'll come by when the coffee is ready, and I promise to do the dishwashing before I leave >:)

    Where do you get the Hansa? Do you get Mack as well?

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Mother buys and drives it here under heavy threats. Not often you see beer being brought that way, eh? :)

  3. By which I mean no->se :)

    Oh, and by the way: Coffee is always ready here - it is instant! ;) This is a nescafe home for the most part. Though I have coffee in the freezer for special occasions.

  4. I long for my move. It's time to go dishwasher-hunting soon. Any thoughts on what's good?
    I think I want one with a drawer for the cutlery on top. I hate the ones with the basket that is always in the way on the bottom.

  5. My landlord said no on removing a cupboard for a dishwasher on the floor, which left me choosing between three models (with identical chassis) of benchtop washers that were small enough to fit into my rather limited space. I simply took the one with the best reviews out of those, but it was far from the best among the total.


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