Friday, 3 June 2011

Yarny blabber

A wordy blog post for a change! I started out thinking I would write something like five lines. Uh.. Here you are. 

I love this five day weekend so far. Ascension day thursday fell together with the Swedish National Day (I am not sure how they picked it, other countries have Liberty days or Constitution Days on historical dates) to create a weekend with a work friday. Worth a vacation day! That means that now, friday, I feel as I usually do on sundays, and I have three days left... Bliss.

Apart from turning the sound on my work phone off, I have read a book (the third Inda book, called King's Shield - unusually in a series of four books she has been wrapping up story threads already from book 2, which gives a more natural feel to it rather than a big climax at the end - but one almost wonders what will happen in the last book!), tried and failed at making holes in the concrete wall on my balcony to attach the sail I bought for shading my sun scorched outdoors space, and knitted some. 

I won a skein of yarn in that last competition Torgstenen had, a skein from Thomas Kvist Yarns in cotton - I chose the unbleached yarn to create a summery shawl. I will probably use the Ledra pattern on it, to see how it adapts to a so different yarn. 

I have a hat on my needles that I have been working on since the end of april: May 2 (I think it was) it snowed so an alpaca hat seemed perfectly reasonable. But motivation quickly dropped as temperatures rose again. It is almost finished, but it needs finishing off - that is decreasing without breaking pattern. I already tried once and failed, and frogging the work and then hunting for my stitches in lacework without a lifeline daunted me so much I haven't picked it up again. It is based on a pattern made for a yarn from Norwegian company Du Store Alpakka, but knitted in Drops Alpaca*, so I mainly looked at the photograph and started knitting, the gauge being too different to use the written pattern without heavy modification. 

So instead, seeing as I am scared by a little petrolblue hat, I cast on 240 stitches of Manos Lace and started knitting after a pattern someone else made, unusually enough. I prefer making my own patterns, but sometimes other people design things so beautiful that instead of trying to surpass them I want to follow their patterns. It also is good training for writing my own patterns out as I notice strengths and weaknesses in other people's patterns. Most knitting designers seem to refuse to follow some kind of standard, so the codes used for the same action might vary widely. Because the standard seem non-existant that means I take the parts I like from others. 

* That petrol Drops Alpaca yarn? Bought it in early october at in Mariehamn, the Åland archipelago, where we were at a kind of kickoff/work trip. I was ill, easily upset because of my lack of energy, and it seemed the others kept arguing, attacking eachother, and creating even more conflict than already existed. For a few blessed moments I escaped and found comfort in a yarn shop, where they mostly had yarns I hadn't seen live before. So many lovely fibers to pet! I left there with five balls, all blue toned (to suit my fragile mood perhaps?), two of which being the speckled turquoise colour in Alpaca. The other speckled colours also tempted but my upset mind meant I was temporarily unable to calculate the "foreign" money... (Euro. Since I lived in Finland 2002-03 I should be able to handle that, one should think, especially seeing as I claim to be good at maths!)

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