Sunday, 26 June 2011

A nice young man in an aeroplane

While waiting for my physics-audiobooks to 'arrive', I have been listening to Harry Potter. The first book and about half the second, so far. The voice reading them has a nice language; but his tendency to pronounce k's very sharply (black-k-k!) is beginning to get to me, and I really dislike and disagree with his interpretation of the tone of the characters. I doubt they all speak with whiny drawn out vowels ALL THE BLOODY TIME; it is highly improbable since it is a book about children. I did read the first few Potter books about a decade ago (jeez.), but I never became a fan. Not becoming so now either, listening to them. In fact: I have to take breaks from my knitting to read! To explain: I am way too restless to just sit still and knit, listening to my thoughts (wonder what a psychologist would make of that - no wait, I would rather not know), so I watch tv-series or, more frequently, listen to audio books while I knit. Now I can hardly wait for my popular-scientific audiobooks so I can relax with my knitting again.

On my breaks I have, today and yesterday, been reading "Room Nineteen" which is a short story collection by Doris Lessing. Sometimes I read one story, sometimes several in a row.

A short while ago I burst out laughing; as the following sentence somehow got to me:
"[...] a black bomb falling out of the sky, dropped by a nice young man in an aeroplane [...]"

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