Monday, 27 June 2011

Just when the horizon was turning pink with the coming day, I was woken by loud babble in a Far Eastern, so far unidentified, language. It was like being in the same room as four people of mixed genders talking and laughing loudly. When I could orient myself, I realised it was the neighbours to the east, on their balcony. I struggled into my bathrobe and stumbled out onto the balcony, thinking to open the window and shout at them, but instead I just knocked on the plasterboard covering the hole in the concrete wall separating oss. "Solly", they shouted back. (Or actually, "ulsäkta"; this being Sweden.)

They did lower themselves enough so that if I had been asleep I wouldn't have noticed. Already being woken up by them the sound of their voices was a nuisance however. When I finally fell asleep again I dreamed action dreams, NCIS themed. Then I was going to a restaurant with some IRC friends from Seattle and they had booked, and we were a big bunch of people, whom I knew but cannot identify now (maybe coworkers, other IRC people, or, for all I know, the NCIS team in my former dream).

It is a sunny bright day, hopefully heralding the start of some nice summer weather.

PS: Some interesting reading. Fits me rather well, except possibly point 9, because I do love my adrenaline. Just without the crowds ;)

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