Monday, 30 May 2011

Warmth=Delicious. Warmth+Alpaca=Too much...

Today has been one of the first really warm days throughout since easter. And by that I mean I was not freezing when going to work, and it was still warm when going home. In fact, I could probably have done without my jacket and just worn a shawl or cardigan. I do know for sure that my alpacka shawl (Ledra in action!) became too warm when going home! Time to get knittin' in cotton!

I found some old patterns for table cloths and doilies of various sizes, supposed to be knit in super thin cotton of course, but I think I can adjust them into a triangular/halfmoon shawl with somewhat thicker yarn. HmmHmm! But first; some samples in crochet yarn. If I can tear myself away from the origami long enough...

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