Thursday, 12 May 2011

Test shots

My new compact camera, a canon powershot sx230, arrived last night, and this morning the battery was charged and I could start playing. Mostly been getting used to the feel today, leaving it on auto (although accidentally hitting buttons sometimes). I am happy, although a small part of me is somewhat saddened that it is outcompeting my dSLR ;) Ah well, it had to come, my dSLR is almost 6 years old.

Linus <3 My third photo ever with the new camera. 

Self-portraits in strong morning sun is a good way to test the colours.
Far better white balance than my old camera which was easily blinded by strong light. 

That same morning sun shining its unforgiving light on my livingroom. Lived in, but not embarrassingly untidy, yet. ;)

Test shot on my way to work, eliciting some giggles from a couple of passing girls that also works at LL (at me crouching by the road). Very good colour reproduction here too. And... 

...Good-ish focus on full auto! This is a crop from the middle of the above photo, in its original size. 

Added not for its excellence as a photo, but because it shows the view from my new desk. Neat!


  1. The auto mode usually works fine, but I always turn off the flash. It makes more harm than good. I usually keep burst shooting on, to be able to capture any moment of action, for instance when skiing.

    Cold As Heaven

  2. This one is better than most compacts when it comes to flash - if you close the flash it doesn't pop up of itself, if you lift it open it is goes on auto flash mode (it does open when starting the camera, but if it encounters resistance, like a finger, it stays closed). I also love the video documentary/summary function. It saves the last seconds before every photo as film, and makes one film clip out of it per day. Very amusing! (Optional setting)


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