Friday, 27 May 2011

I never finished the 30 day challenge and I - again - lost momentum at writing here. Ah well, luckily it is not something I -have- to do, just something I -can- do when I want!

It has been busy at work, in a non-busy way - I am not stressed for time, but I find myself waiting for others to produce the information I need, and there has been so many moments of nailbiting tension when stuff has crashed.

The part about nailbiting is - unfortunately - literal - I bit my nails to the quick, my cuticles are bleeding and sore, this week, after not biting my nails for months. Ow.

I will try to write a bit more this weekend, or at least post some photos!

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  1. That's the nice thing about blogging. It's not a job, you don't have to, write only when you want too.

    Looking forward to some new cool pictures. You're quite good >:)

    Cold As Heaven


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