Thursday, 12 May 2011

Garden report

Wildflower field... 

Gooseberry bush, still at a tender age.

4o'clock #1

4o'clock #2 (there are more.. they are taking over...)

Zinnia and aster(?)

The most newly sown seeds are in the middle. They are sprouting too!


  1. I truly admire your achievements in gardening. Look, this year I have found a decent looking moon calendar and planted seeds all according to that. Only one cucumber pot made it to the garden :[ last year without advices brought me at least a good portion of radish...

  2. I am honestly just blundering along. Putting seeds out at the wrong time, watering differently, not pruning the roses like everyone says one should, etc. But it seems to work out. Everything is greener now, time for a new report I think...


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