Thursday, 14 April 2011

Working at home...

I wound up working from 0800-2000. Hard to stop when I find the flow. I had a few microbreaks clicking on my tabs in the other (the "private") browser and after a bit I started FB-status:ing my way through the day. A longer break was had sometime between 18 and 19 when I got a very late lunch break.

All in all a productive day although I had some false starts.

Here are my statuses from the past 24h or so, just to give some idea why I am not blogging...

Wed. 19:29 Jobbar hemmafrån imorgon. Har redan kommit på ett antal dokument jag behöver som ligger kvar på jobbet. Hrm. Ta det från minnet eller ringa in imorgon? Hmmhmm.. svårt.

Wed. 20:22 raspberry smoothie for dinner.

 14:30 WorkWorkWork. A handful of pistachios and cashew nuts for lunch while talking on the phone with my boss. The salt isn't good for me. Now: Back to our future!

16:36 WorkWorkWork. I want to draw my graphs in paint, it would save some time. Time is money, right?
Comment: Saying that apparently broke the block on my graph-making-skills!

17:31 WorkWorkWork, excel is obeying me now

17:46 WorkWorkWork: Finally found the flow after somewhat in excess of nine hours work. Maybe I am more of an evening person than I like to admit.

19:59 WorkWorkWork: Got a break when H arrived with a spinach pizza for me, demanding I take a break and eat some food. Also a short walk outside in the sun to pick up my mail. The walk triggered a whole new set of thoughts though... is there a word limit to this?

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