Thursday, 14 April 2011


My yarn stash is growing again.

My current favourite yarn, Artesano Silk Embrace (Silk + Suri Alpaca) is going to be stopped manufactured, and I couldn't bear the thought. So I bought some of everything. This is quite a load of yarn: Remember that one ball is enough for a scarf and three for a blanket the size of my door (a nice shawl that is). There are two more pink colours and a white, those were out of stock already so no go.

Still.. now I just have to figure out what to do with all of this. At least a blue scarf for myself. But it is fairly far down on my knitting list seeing as it is going to just get warmer from now on (or one can hope), for a few months anyway..

May is for knitting lace out of teeny tiny fingering weight yarn.

Talking of which, think I am up to 2mm needles? I am far from sure, but now I own them, so at least I can eye them suspiciously and get used to the idea.

Go to and order your own!
(The lovely lady who runs it will ship to Sweden and Norway at least, maybe more).
This particular yarn knits best on around 6mm needles, btw. 


  1. Oh, I just would love to have a lace knit scarf for springtime / cold summer / early autumn out of some supernice yarn, but I think I maybe ought to learn to knit one myself from some easy pattern. Aaand find a color that really makes me tick!

    ...or then I must figure out a deal with you or some other knitter friend :)

  2. Is this a birthday hint? It could be interpreted several ways - I could set you up with a simple pattern, video guides (home mad) and yarn if you really want to learn yourself. Or I could provide the finished goods.. ;)

  3. That said; knitting lace is easy. It is all about knowing how to knit two together and such.

  4. If knitting lace is easy, then I probably ought to try it out!

    This wasn't supposed to be a birthday hint, but if you wish to interpret it as such, I don't mind :D
    ...though, if you want to give your time&effort, that's enough for me, as I can purchase the yarns.

  5. Easier to make a pattern when I know the yarn. I will start thinking and knitting samples and such. Whee!

  6. Lalalaa! Got your letter! YAY!
    I shall say: Gray! ...if it is fine with you?

    With the white silk it reminds me of kittens and kittens are good!
    (I've also got quite colourful jackets and other pieces, so it will suit them easiest)

  7. Of course it is, else I would not have offered it!

    I am working on a pattern of a scarf/shawl already called Ledra, which I will put up when finished.

    Also, I will start working on instructional videos for a couple of training sessions (using random scrap yarn I expect you have) before beginning the pattern with the real yarn (which will be shipped off to you as soon as I have finished the pattern, so I am sure you get what you need).

    Supplies it seems you will need of your own: 8mm needles (straight or a round one, you knit back and forth so both works). 9mm will be fine (especially if you are a tight knitter) and 7mm will be fine if you are a very loose knitter.

    Tell me if the needle thing is an impossibility, if so I will ponder further before proceeding.

  8. Needle-thing not a problem! :)


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