Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 22: Something that upsets me

I was trying to think of things that upsets me, and failing at finding any non-obvious pattern that didn't feel too personal (people hurting me intentionally or unintentionally), when my mother unintentionally provided me with a subject by accidentally triggering one of my pet peeves.


Translate correctly. Please. And at least make an attempt at getting the grammar right. And the spelling. (I don't mind being corrected either, though I do admit to researching any corrections before I trust them). The worst are ignorance based on laziness. I can be a lazy speller myself, at least in IRC, but I everywhere else I try to make an effort and I get rather upset when people systematically fail to do so. I don't understand how they can miss seeing their errors.

And while Google translate can be fun and might be a good tool to get a grasp of what is said if one lack the understanding of the language necessary to skim through it, if one DO have a basic grasp of what is being said, and especially if one intends to republish some of the material, be sure to translate carefully and with a dictionary.

Else the translation might turn out a bit funny.

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