Friday, 11 March 2011


Artesano Silk Embrace, one ball turned into a bright snood!
One of my promises to myself (threats?) was to try to write down my patterns and share them. Here is the first one I actually went ahead with and noted down.



Pattern notes:

Needles: 6mm, knitting in the round. I knit loosely, but I recommend trying to knit to the gauge noted on the yarn (when knitting stockinette) or a bit looser.

I used a knit cast-on method as it is somewhat firmer and thus like the bind-off edge.
CO: cast on
BO: bind off
k: knit.
p: purl.
k2t: knit two together.
yo: yarn over
ssk: slip one stitch knitwise, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped stitch over.
sl-k2t-psso: slip one stitch knitwise, knit the next two stitches together, pass the slipped stitch over

CO 88 stitches.

Rib: k2 p2 for 8 rds.

Knit 1 rd.

Begin lace pattern. Place marker at the start of round.

Row 1: (yo, sl-k2t-psso, yo, k5) repeat until end of round.
Row 2: knit all
Row 3: (yo, sl-k2t-psso, yo, k5) repeat until end of round.
Row 4: knit all
Row 5: (k3, yo, ssk, k1, k2t, yo) repeat until end of round.
Row 6: knit all
Row 7: (yo, sl-k2t-psso, yo, k1) repeat until end of round.
Row 8: knit all.

Repeat these rounds 7 times.

Knit rib (k2, p2) for 8 rounds.

BO loosely.

I used this method: K1. (Slip knit stitch back onto left needle. K2t (the already knit stitch and the next). Slip stitch back onto left needle. K1.) Repeat pattern in parenthesis until end of round. Weave in ends.

If you want a narrower snood you can cast on 8 or 16 stitches less, and add one (for 8) or two (for 16) pattern repeats. Similarly for a wider snood that can be wound twice around your neck, add 8, 16, etc and remove pattern repeats. This version does go twice around if I want. 


  1. It is really lovely, and the colour too. Looks good on you (and if it ever goes for sale, count me in)

  2. It is bright! I like it, but I do prefer black or dark grey. Ah well. I haven't yet decided if I will keep it, gift it, or sell it.

    The yarn is a silk/alpaca blend. I have some balls of black of the same, intended for a cardigan, but I might swipe a ball and knit another black snood for myself...

  3. I wore it five times, so now it is actually for sale.


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