Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Kiwi green evening

Yesterday I was supposed to blog about my siblings.
Instead I wound up going out for dinner with a gang from work.

The most notable event from the evening was when my boss, who was ordering drinks according to colour, brushed away our criticism about the not so two coloured drink (was supposed to be yellow with a midori-green layer in the bottom) WAS indeed two colours. It was kiwi green. "But that is not two colours", we protested. "Yes it is!" He answered brightly. "Kiwi and green!"

The drink in question was, otherwise, undrinkable in my opinion. :)

Oh and John Baker finally won the Iditarod (and on record time at that - by four hours!), I am happy for him! Thanks to H for the update during the evening <3


  1. I even had to take a break from trying to escape the zombie horde for a few minutes while checking out the current standings!

  2. Good for you to get some culture. ;)

    You also got questioned by my boss who directed a "WHO IS THAT" at the phone when I was talking to you, but I am not sure you heard it over the general ruckus :)


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