Saturday, 26 March 2011

Garden Fair

Spent the day at the Nordic Garden Fair with among others Daniel - was fun, also slightly exhausting. I should have bought the small things I wanted on the first circuit, because we didn't do two complete circuits and I forgot several items. Bah. Ah well :)

All things considered, I got away with good loot for my balcony:
- A gooseberry bush
- 10 Mirabilis roots (Japanese wonderflower or something like that) - it is probably going to completely take over my balcony but hey, it'll be fun to watch ;)
- Two large green pots with a built in watering system (good for warm periods)
- Two hot pink window boxes with the same system
- Watering tubes of the kind you put one end in a container of water and the other in the pot, to keep the earth moist
- Local honey
- Scottish fudge (three different: Ardbeg (yep, the real thing), lemon and chocolate)
- Handmade chocolate pralines.
- a stack of brochures about nice things like sail shade, high tech planter systems, and such :)


  1. I'd like to see a pic of the hot pink window boxes :) and know the name of the manufacturer...

  2. Photo - doable.

    Manufacturer - hope it says on them...

  3. No, I can do better. I simply used the map at the Fair homepage and clicked on the stand where I bought them - good thing my sense of direction is better than my name memory...

  4. AAND they have a webshop! Glad to see I got decent prices though - even before I started bargaining with them. :)

    Planning to use the window boxes indoors, actually - didn't buy anything to hang them with. Hanging them on the outside up here means windblown plants. Was thinking I'd re-plant five phalaenopsae into one of them. The other I don't know yet. Maybe other plants I have here, maybe herbs.


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