Saturday, 12 March 2011

Day 9: My beliefs

Time go get back on track with my 30 days blog happening. Apologies for the interlude, I had other things on my mind... :)

Belief is a tricky subject. A lot of people think about religion when talking about beliefs, but really, that is only a small part of it. What about (but not limited to) these: Belief in equality (on unequality) of human beings, belief in the so-called Human Rights, belief in the legislation of the country one live in, belief in a political opinion, belief in one self or in people around one. Believing the news, or disbelieving them, believing that the world is ruled by the Illuminati, believing that not eating carbs is the only healthy way to live, belief that avoiding fat in ones diet is the only healthy way to live, and so forth. Belief right down to the fact that I am pretty sure there will be milk available if I head down to the local shop, but I cannot be sure, thus, it is a belief so far as it is not yet proved.

My own beliefs are as multiple as those above, but there is one thing I think I would like to say.

I have a fairly strong belief in what we today view as proved scientific facts - the planets revolve around the sun, the entire solar system together with all the other in our galaxy sails around a massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way, cells have mitochondria that behave like they are about to demand a divorce from our cooperative existence any time now, we seem to have developed from a soup of molecules starting to take form, ice ages come and go and right now we are in an ice epoch although as far as we are concerned it is a very mild and clement epoch, atoms consist of smaller particles down to a multitude of particles so far only speculated in.

Yet I also have a fairly strong belief that we could, as has so often happened in scientific history, discover we were on the wrong track and an entire field of beliefs within some limb of the contorted monster called science be abandoned. And we could also reanimate theories that were abandoned.

As well; I have a strong sense of cynicism against "independent" (and especially unique, not duplicated) studies, especially ones made in subjects one cannot calculate. They all too often seems to result in in just the answer the people making the study expected or wanted to see.

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