Monday, 7 March 2011

Day 6: My day

I got up around 5AM. The music turned itself on, but kept turning itself louder and louder, so I had to bounce out of bed and turn down the volume in both rooms as to not enrage my neighbours (I try to not disturb, so that I have the full rights to plot their demise when they make noise when I want to sleep).

Shower. Realisation I should check the weather forecast before getting dressed. Getting dressed in default clothes; jeans because they were closest. And because I wanted to wear sneakers

Breakfast. A cup of espresso. Bread with lemon marmalade. A glass of water. My medicines (plaquenil against arthritis - yes, it is a quinine normally used against malaria and yes, it does work and noone seems to know why, aerius to lower the histamine levels in my body, a multivitamin pill and a codliveroil-capsule - the two latter a recent experiment which I haven't evaluated yet). 

Also for breakfast: Current standings. I don't need to look at the route - odd years it is the southern route - but my readers might want to have a peek here. Then I read a Daisy Dalrymple short story while finishing my breakfast. 

Walking to the metro and then changing to a bus to work. Took about an hour, a bit more from door to door. 

Work. Mostly pottering around trying to figure out how to make sure everyone is briefed and has gotten the necessary training when we switch to the new switchboard. Also talking to the summer workers, recruited from customer service for the season. First official meeting with them! 

Homewards. Dropping by a shop to deal with an exchange, then looking for a cloche hat in several other shops. No luck. 

Home. Idle surfing. Reading the other Daisy Dalrymple short story, eating some yoghurt for dinner. Writing this blog post. Talking to Linus, who had a lot to tell me today. 

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