Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day 18: My favourite memory

I actually - accidentally - cheated, this was 17 and birthday was 18. I picked them out of my memory in the wrong order. Sowwy.

I am trying to come up with favourite memories, but there is no single thing that pops. However, there seem to be a common thread. Here are the things I came up with first:
  • Several encounters with the wind and sun and sea: On cliffs, beaches, boats. Just me and the elements, for the moment, my breath flying away in the wind, my skin stroked and cooled, happiness and a strange feeling of safety in momentary illusionary loneliness.
  • In my bed, alone, cool smooth sheets surrounding me, a purring cat by my pillow, complete relaxation, secureness.
  • A long day spent on my sofa, reading a book, drinking tea, the door locked. No need to go anywhere, noone can get in. 
  • Sitting on a stone slightly downslope from my grandfathers barn, a young birch just having been sacrificed, being shown by his clever hands how to weave a goat-collar out of a birch sapling. Love, attention and faith in my ability to mimic and do the task well. 

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