Monday, 28 March 2011

Day 17: My favourite birthday

When I was a child, still living on the coast, a birthday was something celebrated by inviting all the classmates to come eat sausages and cake. Then we would play - I remember at least one instance where we played outdoors in the dark (my birthday is in mid-december), and I thought it would snow (there was no snow on the ground), and then it did (a few solitary flakes falling down). I wore faded but once neon pink mittens in a water resisting fake fur lined material.

It is probably just time erasing the details, but in my memory that was a good birthday. I only remember the outdoor snow prediction scene, me taking off my mitten to feel the air and thinking it would snow, and the sight of a tiny solitary flake drifting down in the dark.

We probably ate butterfly shaped cake and sausages baked in the oven with twists of bread dough around them, but this is just probability based guesswork. I don't remember what year - but not 9, so supposedly 8 or 10. 

I am sure it was no better or worse than any other birthday I had, really. I am not a great fan of my own birthdays, because I inevitably feel sad and lonely on that day.

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  1. I feel the same about my own birthday. Donæt know why. It's just a day I don't like to celebrate anymore >:)

    Cold As Heaven


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