Saturday, 26 March 2011

Day 15: My dreams

I dream of many things.

First and foremost in my mind, most days nowadays, is a home with no upstairs neighbours. A flat at the top of the house, or a terraced little house of my own. The latter is very appealing because I would like a little garden. I also dream of gardening (which is why I am going here today).

I dream of sailing, of my own boat.
Of a cottage with lake or sea shore, faraway neighbours and no nearby major roads.

I dream of going back to the places I love the most.

I also dream ambitious dreams of success, both for me personally and for the company I work for.

I dream of studying, of feeding my hungry mind with all the information I can.
I dream of speaking more languages.

I dream of the day when room temperature superconductivity is common place and we get the full benefits of the possibilities.
I dream of the day when we will care properly for our planet and eachother.

I dream of libraries, and of yarn stashes.

And I dream of sleep. Of rest with no end in sight, no knowledge that the respite will be broken.


  1. Libraries are good to dream about, and gardens, small gardens at least; big gardens are just a lot of work

    Cold As Heaven

  2. That depends. I like wild gardens, not manicured lawns >:)


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