Monday, 21 March 2011

Day 14: What you wore today


See, I spent the sunday in leggings and a summer dress (when I wasn't sleeping - a nap between 3 and 4pm and then back to bed at 8 and sleeping till 630 when my alarm went off..), and postponed this, not realising that monday would not be a work day for me, but rather a day spent doing practical things at home.

So far I have hung five pictures (three paintings, two photoes), one wall clock (ding dong it said at 1030), and a barometer in my work alcove. They are all from my grandfather's home and thus cherished items. I might hang more later, I have to feel my way a bit to get it right.

Next up is rehanging the displaced pictures elsewhere, and then starting to wash all the glasses that also arrived with mother. Lots of tiny glasses with a stem that I associate with quaint drinks like sherry (and I might be wrong at that, all I know is that they were grown-up glasses when I was a kid and I haven't really seen anything like them in use after I got old enough to be interested). 

Thus... my outfit today is highly practical. Worn baggy jeans and a brightly coloured t-shirt from Threadless. I don't have a photo of it available but it is turquoise and with robots shooting lasers in a pixelled city.

I have, as I predicted, been less than reliable about posting daily even with the challenge. Thus my mother who copied it from me and started out two days behind is now two days ahead.

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