Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Day 11: My siblings

I am a middle child. In both age and number.

I have four older half siblings, one younger brother, and three even younger half siblings. They are all dear to me! <3

I also have another older half brother, who drowned in an accident before I was born. I always knew he should be there and missed him terribly. My older siblings are quite a bit older than me, and he would have been pretty much as close in age as I am to my younger brother. Someone wise and older that would be there. I tried to be a wise older sibling to my brother, I don't know if he was terribly impressed ;)

My family is important to me for all of me having little contact with them. From a starting point at an island off Norway's west coast we have spread around the globe. Must be genetic.

So anyway, this is for my siblings, all nine of them: Love you all!

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