Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Day 1: Introduce yourself

There is a short description of me to the right left of this text.
I could write another text, of course. A short text, or a long text. Depending on how much I want to dwell on the person that is me.

How do you best describe a person? By what they look like, a history of their life so far, what they do, or where they are heading? The best answer would probably be a combination of these, but that means a fairly long text. I fear just ONE of them would be a long text. Let’s go with what I do.

I take the bus (preferred) and the metro (second choice). I don’t have a driver’s license but not because of any conscious choice, it just turned out that way so far. Anyway I spend between 2 and 3 hours commuting, Monday to Friday. I used to live close to work, a 20 minute walk, and I regret the vastly shortened day I suffer now. (I digress).
I knit, and draw, and tat, and paint, and print, and crochet, and carve, and make things out of metal wire as well.

I care deeply about my plants, and have to restrain myself not to put potted plants on every surface of my flat not used up by books. Books are another passion, I love reading.

I have problems sitting still and doing nothing either with my hands or my mind. That means I cannot watch a movie without doing something with my hands, and I can’t do something with my hands without getting mental input. Forcing me into either of those half-passive states will make me so bored and restless I am on the verge of tears.
Contradictory to that I am totally able to sit still and look out into the air for hours and just contemplate life. But it is either power up or power down, I cannot be half-way.

I need my tea. And my bread and cheese. Without these things I start to feel some kind of black desperation, that shows up within a few days. It tends to ruin vacations to places where a breakfast including these things is not the norm.

I am a material girl: I love my flat, and my things in my flat.

I love sleeping alone in my bed. I love being alone n my flat. I am an introvert that gains energy from solitude, my best times has been weeks of not even leaving to buy groceries, stocking up in advance when I am off work. Animals don’t steal energy from me, but humans do. I don’t like (more like actively dislike) children, except for the children of my niece and my cousin.

My job however is all about people. I lead a team of raucous lively clever people that make the cog wheels turn by pure force of will sometimes. They drive me up the wall. And I have a hard time to imagine myself doing any other job, with any other people.

In my dreams however, I watch the stars. I go to Mars. I sail the oceans of the world. I walk the forests.

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