Thursday, 10 March 2011


No post in my 30 days today; will recommence tomorrow where I left off.

This day: Had one of the best soups I have ever eaten for lunch, a creamy mushroom soup. I would gladly eat it every day. I told the lady cook at the lunch restaurant that I could kill for it and that she has to make it more often. Kista Lunchcafe is the place to go! Skalholtsgatan something I think. Look it up on the web.

Then in the afternoon; because of a starting migraine yesterday and a stiffening neck (again) I finally got myself around to replacing Bonecracker-dude in my life. So got my neck cracked and he (the new less crackly dude) tried to loosen the knots in my jaw and temples as well. OW! I am fairly knocked out now and after I have had some water I shall sleep.

Good night, world!

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