Sunday, 13 March 2011

Belief, Take#2

I don't feel altogether done with yesterday's topic of beliefs. Thus the 30 days will recommence tomorrow. 

I also believe in a set of principles, more or less well defined.

In the bottom of my life philosophy there is kindness to those who deserve it (most people I interact with regularly fall into this group), and a bit of an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth to those that deserve it, but tempered with the experience that it pays off to show oneself the better, kindlier and more honourable in a social conflict.

My home is my castle and I get very upset if I get invaded by unwanted people (landlord's craftsmen arriving unexpectedly or with ill timing for instance), even if my doorbell is rung when I don't expect it. I get upset when people "mistreat" my home. An example is putting clean dishes into the wrong cupboards (although I know helping me is kindly meant I get annoyed). I have a sense of how things should be in my home, and I don't like my order disturbed. I try to show the same respect in others's homes but it is difficult to know what their limits are, so it takes some asking to make sure not to offend, and depending on how well I know the person I might not dare that.

I don't like complaining about stuff I could do stuff about. Like, me complaining that I am fat when it is up to me to get more exercise, for instance. I get annoyed when other people complain about similar as well. If you aren't doing anything about it, don't whine. If you are, good for you, good luck and stay positive.

Leave people bloody well alone. Strangers are not likely to want your opinion. Or to hear about your horrible husband, or your kids' stomach bug, or whatever. Pushing ones opinions or problems onto others is pretty much as intrusive as stealing their belongings, even if it is two different acts. Let people keep their personal space, in other words. Your opinion should be kept for when it is wanted; ie when asked for or in a professional capacity (at work it is most likely expected of you to express an opinion about things going on, just don't do the whiner thing but keep it relevant and respectful. Try, anyway!).

Well. Short. Confuddled, probably, but it needed adding.

Oh, and most things work out in the end. Be happy. Live in the moment. Smile at the rain, and at the ray of sun. At a snow crystal and a green leaf. At a nice book, a good meal, a nice conversation, a lazy evening spent in the sofa. Enjoy what is now. Thinking back, remembering, and thinking forwards, planning and worrying is good, but don't let it take up too much of the time, lest it becomes a burden.

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