Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I have a complicated relationship to shoes.

Or maybe I just have difficult feet.

Whichever, I have several bags full of shoes worn 0-10 times that I will never wear again. The past five years' shoe attempts mostly consist of variations over flat shoes - and alot of sneakers of various kinds. But they all hurt in different ways, and I cannot make myself wear shoes that hurts.

The pair of skate shoes which is what I wear most nowadays has taken four winters' wear - you can see the plastic skeleton of the shoe through the threadbare and holey inner lining, both in the sides and the soles. But I can wiggle my toes in them and I don't get too bad blisters. So I continue to wear them, with woollen socks.

Today we made a detour on my suggestion, to XXL - a Norwegian outlet type chain that recently opened here as well. After trying on an uncounted number of  shoes, finding dog food inside a shoe, and (H at least, not me actually) getting help from a rather knowledgeable salesman (that wound up recommending H to go to a named webshop - I do not recall the details), I wound up bringing two pairs with me home, one pair of skate shoes (surprise.) and one pair of hiking shoes. Going to testwear them at home and inside at work to see how they work out, so I can actually return them if they pinch or something. But I have my hopes up.

Now I just need someone to take away the bags of shoes stuck in my wardrobe... and we are all set.
(Yes, I am dead against throwing away perfectly serviceable items and no, there are no second hand shops or containers around here).

On the way to the bus we detoured to buy food for Nestor and Nemesis, and spent some time loitering around the salt water aquariums in the shop. It was nice, and fun, peeking in and trying to identify the different things. We never saw any turbo snails. But a fire shrimp was seen! And a long narrow (= eel shaped) spotted fish hiding under the corals and rocks. We couldn't see its head so it is unidentified, but I would guess some kind of eel.

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