Monday, 14 February 2011


A common hypothesis among people who know about these things, is that In The Beginning there was an anti-particle for every particle. These anti-particles and their matching particles were annihilated in the Big Bang, and the material universe we live in today is the leftover particles, a surplus so to say. Some small antimatter particles – positrons – buzz around all the time, and by much effort scientists have created anti-protons in the laboratory. Antimatter is basically the same particle with the opposite charge – a negative proton, a positive electron.

However, some people think that there might be pockets of antimatter left in the universe. This leads to a whole lot of speculation upon various subjects, including the possibility of using antimatter to fuel starships, but also if there might be things like anti-stars out there – a star made out of oppositely charged (to what we are used to) particles for instance.

Maybe there is an anti-Earth out there. Maybe an anti-Silme. I sincerely hope she is busy studying superconductivity and other important issues, because as the years pass I have to admit that the likelyhood of this version of Silme becoming an astronomer and physicist is dropping for every year.

But a girl can dream, eh?


  1. It's never too late to become a physicist. If you want to, you should start with classical mechanics and electrodynamics, and then move on to quantum mechanics and astrophysics. After a while you will see how it all fits together >:)

    And don't mix pasta and anti-pasta >:D

    Cold As Heaven

  2. What happened was that I jumped off Uni without really starting to get anywhere for financial reasons. After that I have been working, earning more, getting a life, flat, expenses, etc all the adult boring stuff. My energy levels are unfortunately not up to do much more than keep up with a fulltime job, commuting (oh the damned commute - 3h/day!), and trying to keep myself fed and rested enough to go on the next day.

    If I win the lottery bigtime I am going to 1) open a yarn shop (mostly as a hobby, and a reason to fiddle with fibers), 2) learn to play the violin 3) go back to becoming an eternal student, mainly of the mentioned subjects.

    Until that day comes, I will satisfy myself with pottering around with my telescope and listening to books about cosmology (among other things) to feed my dreams.


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