Saturday, 15 January 2011

Selling stuff

  1. The fish hat is for sale. Knit out of acrylic yarn and not suited for the coldest weather the winter can throw at us, but fine for the rest of the cold season. Adult sized.
  2. The green owl mittens are for sale. Knit out of wool, but the chunky yarn and open top means they are mostly suited to thawing weather, or chilly autumn and spring days. I don't know much about glove sizes, but maybe a woman's M/L if going according to the H&M sizes... ;)
  3. The scarf is for sale. Knit out of the softest sheep wool, and suitable for cold days and slightly warmer days both. I wore it as a kind of short poncho to keep my shoulders warm at work one day, then decided the sheep wool is too irritating to my skin (I get an allergic reaction to it) and that it is highly doubtful that I will wear it again.

Interested in any of the items? Get in touch!

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