Friday, 28 January 2011

New glasses...


I am not totally sure about them - I fear I might look a bit like my father in them... but at the same time I like pilot frames and having a larger frame that does not intrude so much on my field of vision is comfortable.

Not so comfortable is having a new pair of glasses that corrects astigmatism. No matter if it is a new prescription or not it is a dizzying experience. I feel slightly sea sick and right now I took them off while writing this to rest my tired head. Will wear them through the weekend to see, but 2-14 days of getting used to a new pair is normal so I have no real worry. I just have to decide upon the aesthetic aspect...

The glasses (here is the direct link) came from LensWay!

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  1. After wearing them while fixing the layout here the prescription felt much better. Now it is just the visual aspect left.


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