Saturday, 29 January 2011

The new glasses, now with head

Beledra requested photo proof of the new glasses in facebook. I am still not sure they are a good idea, and I am trying to make it plain. ;)


Linus wanted to be in a photo too. 


  1. Funny face, nice glasses. Which strength do you use?

    Cold As Heaven

  2. I can actually manage without - I have natural monovision which means I won't need reading glasses as I get older. 0.00 on the dominant eye which I use for distance stuff, -2.00 on my other eye which is used for reading.

    Unfortunately I have a slight astigmatism which combined with the fact that I have a very slight and for others hardly noticeable strabismus (skjeling) which manifests mostly when I am somewhat tired (ie. always in the mornings and afternoons) means I see double, or actually triple. The glasses correct both. :P


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