Friday, 17 December 2010

A not so Xmassy Xmas Party

Let my department at arranging the Xmas party at work, and the theme becomes anything but. It is going to be GREAT! It is the 1920s, it is illegal, there is mafia, there is decadence and an illegal pub in the basement, and illegal gambling.

Last night before I went home we left this setup in the hallway:

Some music to get in the right mood here!


  1. And you knitted the mitten?
    Are you sure there are none of your finger prints on it?

  2. I did not knit the mitten, it was found there and is thus evidence. I was the one equipped with the tape roll. Pure artwork! Our probie agent modelled the vic.

  3. Ok, what's the deal with the 'victim's' crotch. Was his peen blowing a bubble when he was 'mittened'? lol

  4. Since I am the boss of the guy who was modelling, I wasn't about to get a warning for sexual harrassment - So I simply avoided the area!


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