Friday, 26 November 2010

Zombie bacteria and general health issues

It is three weeks since I got the strep throat. Got 8 days to go on the second antibiotics cure. The second doctor said I had a resistant strain; but since H also caught it by now he went to see a doctor as well and that one said I had just gotten the totally wrong antibiotics to begin with.

Whichever the truth; the ones I have now seem to be working and I am slightly mad that I didn't get ones that kicked strep ass to begin with. I mean, three bloody weeks of illness. After one weeks sick leave I went back to work, and tried working, and failed rather spectacularly, and was spending evenings crying myself to sleep certain that I was dying from lung cancer or something other bad since I just was getting worse and worse and coughed until I puked. This week too I have tried to work, but it has gone so and so. I feel guilty staying at home and the doctors are under governmental orders to be strict with sick leave, so as long as I can sit and type I should be able to work.

This too means I am not getting well since I never get to rest - and keep going out into the freezing air and spending hours there. In the end my boss, one of them, my old boss, put her foot down and told me to stay at home today and rest the weekend, in the hopes that I will be well next week. My prolonged illness is hurting my work, and it is hurting me financially. Still, not much I can do but hope I get well. And truthfully, the new pills are alright. There was a noticeable improvement after two days - what you expect on a strep throat + antibiotics.

I also got a flu shot, for free, since I am a risk group two times over. Yay for flu shot - so hopefully I won't be knocked for another four weeks this winter!

That is the issue of being without much of a working immune system. The one I have spend most of its time attacking other parts of my body - parts that are not a threat, but which are failing under the constant attack from my white blood cells. Since they are busy fighting the wrong wars, the way is open for all sorts of bugs and I get ill extremely easily. And due to the asthma common colds strike me hard and knock me out properly.

Maybe in a few decades there will be possibilities to do a cell transplant to fix autoimmune diseases like arthritis. A girl can dream...

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  1. Great that you are getting better, if not so swiftly. Hopefully the flu shot keeps you safe, I ought to get it as well, because I doubt that with the amount of stress all the bugs will attack me on sight.

    Ps. Sent something on your way. I hope it makes it there. Holla me in fb/email if/when you receive the parcel!


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