Friday, 26 November 2010

Wood vs Metal Part II

The debate between wood and metal needles to knit with continues.

Here comes some pros and cons:
- A lot of my metal needles have a very pointy tip, not a steep incline, which makes knitting easier. Alot of my wood needles are the opposite, as a narrow tip is weaker and could break. Especially in the thicker gauges this is an issue.
- If you sit on metal needles you either get your butt speared or you won't notice (depending on angle). If you sit on wood needles they are likely to break. At least one of my MK eco DPN's turned up cracked in two in the sofa... I used an emery board to make it into two cable needles, so it got a new life. But seeing as I often drop needles and the risk of them being sat on or kneed on or stepped on is high, that is a big con.
- I have been knitting with knitpro interchangeable needles (the wooden rainbow coloured variety) lately and I adore them. They have narrow enough points, slide easily, are flexible, and great on my hands.
- However the big con with knitpro: They are laminate wood. So they might crack.

My 8mm needletips kept catching on my fingers and on the yarn, and I thought I was imagining it (checking my fingers for hangnails and flaky skin first!) before I realised that the laminate had split apart. Wonder if there is a warranty on them, since it was the first time I used that particular set. On the other hand I am so shy I find it embarrassing to come complaining to shops I like about problems! I don't want to be a nuisance, they are great! Anyway, see how the fiber got stuck in the cracked wood? Bah. Maybe I should try plastic tips.. however I have heard they are not as good (you get what you pay for).

Wooden needle with a crocodile mouth.

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