Friday, 12 November 2010

Swedish patterns, or how to knit a huge hat

I have followed patterns before. English ones.
On an impulse I got a Swedish pattern with some yarn I liked early this autumn, and have since then struggled with interpreting it and making the result usable.

Finally finished off the hat (there are more pieces but they are, as of yet, not started) - nice enough, except for one little thing.
Hat when I push it back so I can see. 
Hat when I move my head suddenly (like turning it), so it falls back down. 
Yea. So it is a bit big. And that is after I went down two needle sizes, skipped some rows, and did my best to knit tightly. Now I just wonder... is it meant to be super huge, was the pattern made for people with abnormally large heads (my head is rather chunky), is there a series of mistakes in the pattern, did they just reprint it with a different, thicker, yarn hoping it would work, or did I in fact make some fatal mistake that I haven't been able to trace?


  1. H claims one can see on my eyes that I am ill. Maybe so. Fourth day at home and while I don't have much fever now, I have felt better. Alot better.

  2. Just run the hat throught the washing machine, and it will shrink one or two sizes. Hope you're feeling better now >:)

    Cold As Heaven


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