Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Repetitive actions

I am ill again. Again! This time I got antibiotics though, so hopefully I will actually get well this time, not just "better" and then worse.

Bored out of my mind at home. Doctor said I am contagious so pretty please stay at home this week. Aaargh! Restless energy. Although I do collapse and sleep fairly often through the day, so I am far from at my best.

Still, have to do SOMETHING. A colleague is bringing me my work laptop which was left at work, so I can do some administration later this week at least.

Today I started pondering this years christmas cards and design. Each year we send Christmas cards (and sometimes valentine cards) to eachother on this forum I am on. Very cozy and so nice to get a bunch of cards in the mail for Christmas. I handmake mine each year.

Unfortunately, the final cards wont be as prettily backlit as my worktop is :(

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