Friday, 26 November 2010

Finishing projects 3

After some careful consideration this project wound up stamped as a Long-Term Project and was laid aside for the coming week or so at least. 

Thanks to Lotta at Torgstenen I've wound up starting to knit a snood/cowl in Hummingbird DK, which is a yarn I have been looking at for some time but not quite crossing the threshold and actually buying. A lot of the reason is the variegation of the colour - when it comes to actually using the end result I have noticed I prefer mono-coloured or pattern-knit items rather than chaotically coloured items.

My first attempt att knitting the plain knit cowl out of this was frogged since I accidentally wound up with the perfect stitch number for making big splotches of mono-colour, the stripes in the yarn winding up on top of eachother. Oops. Before that I also tested knitting lace with it, but the variegation makes it too splotchy and it just disappears. Too bad. Now I carefully counted out the stitches so it would become slightly more evenly distributed around the scarf.

Otherwise it is a lovely yarn which I can recommend, although if I decide to do something else in it I will probably go with a different, more earthy, colour scheme. Or simply with the plain coloured variation of the yarn. Still - going to be nice and a bright snood might not actually be such a bad thing for blackdressed me to wear now and then.

Edit: Oh, and if you don't know how to hand-wind a center-pull ball (where you pull the yarn from the inside) - here is a good resource.


  1. Black-dressed is nice. Black only for me too >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Actually I wear alot more colour since I started buying t-shirts at ;) But apart from that I have a tendency to discard clothes that are not black. Apart from mittens and woolly socks, which are supposed to be bright.

  3. Without a stich is even better than black >;)

    Cold As Heaven

  4. I am not sure I agree.

    There is a certain aesthetic to a well-dressed person which naked people just cannot achieve. Of course, the attraction is a different one however.


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