Sunday, 31 October 2010

Learning new things

All of a sudden I understood how crocheting works. So I started crocheting a pair of mittens.
Since I am halfway into knitting two other pairs of mittens, that was unfortunate - the more projects running simultaneously the less likely that any of them will ever be finished.

The amusing part about the crocheting is that I don't know how many times my mother, and various friends and teachers, have tried to teach me, but my brain refused to grasp it, then one day as I am sitting at home doing something completely different I suddenly understood it and proceeded to start a pair of mittens, which I have shaped to fit the curves of my hands (in all honesty I first knit a little hat that fit my finger to test my theory, which Linus immediately adopted as a cat toy). Crazy how the mind works. The coin dropped, apparently, and hard.

I guess the web will contain explanations of how to do the things I cannot figure out on my own. But first I should actually try to finish the knitted mittens, to get something warm to wear!

Else? It is Sunday. The day I water plants, make sure the dishes are clean, and cook up a few lunches for the coming week.

Next weekend Raptorian are coming to visit - 24h in Sthlm. Long time, no see - looking forwards to the visit!

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